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I haven’t done any literature related posts since The Wasp Factory and even less since I answered The Inside Out Book Tag, so when I saw these literature-based questions on Galit’s Coffee N’ Notes’ website I just had to take it on. With some amusing (and semi-related) gifs of course.

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Line(s) of the Day #TheBigBangTheory

big bang theory howard and bernadette

Howard: I’d guess I’ll just go to the emergency room to be safe.
Bernadette: Howie, this is just your hypochondria.
Howard: When I sat on the mute button and thought I’d gone deaf, that was my hypochondria.

Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch in the continually popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory, set around four geeky scientists and their romantic partners.  If you are a fan of the show, which has reached over 200 episodes so far, you should definitely look here and, for a unique take on Christmas, here.

Line(s) of the Day #FarewellPrince

prince tribute

But life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last

Musical polymath Prince who sadly passed away yesterday due to pneumonia. The extraordinarily gifted and hugely influential 57 year-old continually reinvented himself and was one of music’s true pioneers.


Gr8at: Covers Better Than the Originals

Has there been a song that you were familiar with and then heard another artist’s take on it and been completely blown away? Including the times you actually liked the initial release? I thought I’d choose my favourites and see what you thought. Are you in agreement with many of the songs? Which ones would you add? As always your comments and suggestions are more than encouraged.

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Line(s) of the Day #NotGoingOut

Not Going Out lucy and lee

Lucy: Why do you never pay me compliments?
Lee: I do.
Lucy : When?
Lee: Last night. I thought you looked very nice.
Lucy: So why didn’t you say?
Lee: Because I didn’t know how you’d respond.
Lucy: What’s the worst I could have said.
Lucy: It’s 3 o clock in the morning. Get out of my bedroom Lee.

Sally Bretton and Lee Mack in the London-based slacker sitcom Not Going Out (2006 – onwards). Originally cancelled during the third series, it was brought back due to fan pressure and has gone on to have four more series, with an eighth set planned. You can find another example of its humour here.

Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

Frasier Martin and Niles

Frasier: We agreed we wouldn’t pursue things. Frankly, she hasn’t given me any indication since that she’s even had a second thought about me.
Niles: Added to which, if Frasier did pursue her and she rejected him, he could hardly rationalise it by saying she doesn’t know what she’s missing. She would know exactly what she’s missing – she just didn’t miss it!

Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce in the superlative and much decorated Seattle-based sitcom Frasier (1993 – 2004). You can find more examples of how much I love their interactions with a Gr8at here, and memorable Line(s) of the Day here and here.

Film Quizzes: Classics that left the critics cold

I’ve been extremely busy so haven’t been to the cinema much or reviewed many films recently, but I’m not letting that get in the way of another quiz. Especially on a topic I’ve always taken a big interest in: films lambasted on release that have since become classics. Do you have a favourite among the six below? Is there a film you love but was left the critics unimpressed? As always the answers are below and your scores and comments are always welcome.

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 1 Film 1 – 1940s

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 2 Film 2 – 1950s

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 3 Film 3 – 1960s

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 5 Film 4 – 1960s

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 4 Film 5 – 1980s

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 6 Film 6 – 1990s

Answers below

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Line(s) of the Day #Army

Ellie Goulding army

We both know what they say about us
But they don’t stand a chance because
When I’m with you, when I’m with you
I’m standing with an army

Taken from the song Army by Ellie Goulding, from her third studio album Delirium (2015). Though not as successful in the charts as her previous efforts, the single is an affectionate tribute to best friends and the affect they have on us.You can also find another example of her songs here.

Line(s) of the Day #BuffytheVampireSlayer

WHistler character Buffy

Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are.

Whistler (Max Perlich) in the superlative supernatural drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003). Though appearing in only two episodes, it shows how even the most unused of characters could have the best of dialogue.

Gr8at: Taking Things Literally

It was the biggest bugbear of an old English teacher of mine that people would use the word literally as an inaccurate form of exaggeration. I like to think he would have found these following images pretty funny. After all, who knew that maths and cakes could lead to such hilarious interpretation? Which one do you think shows the best imagination or execution? Bonus points if you can guess which one made me chuckle most. If you want to see even more, you can also find other examples at the original article here.

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