Line(s) of the Day #TimVine


Actually I did once do a parachute jump. Of course they attach you to the instructor, dont they, and you jump out together. I was in this aeroplane they attach me to this bloke and we jumped out. It was really frightening because half way down he said: “So how long have you been an instructor?”

One of the many, many, jokes by comedian Tim Vine. The genial English stand-up has twice won the award for funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe and once held the Guinness World Record for most jokes in one hour.


Gr8at: Hilarious Animal Cartoons by They Can Talk

Whether doing many quizzes on their roles in films, highlighting their cuteness, their spectacular nature or the spontaneous images they provide, I’ve always made animals a part of this blog.  I did a post a while back on animal humour and I’ve been looking for some good ones ever since. And I struck gold when my sister let me know about these hilarious cartoon strips from the animal kingdom by They Can Talk. Do you have any pets? Which is your favourite cartoon here? If any grab you, these signed prints should definitely interest you.

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Gr8at: One-liners

I’ve always loved the sharpness and wit you can express within a cleverly-written one liner. So when I saw this recent collection at The Daily Telegraph, I just had to include my eight favourites. Is there one that really cracks you up most?  Which comedians make you laugh most?

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Line(s) of the Day #TheSimpsons

king sized homer

Lucky for you this stuff don’t work.

The hilarious line as said to Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) in one of my favourite episodes, King-Sized Homer. The Simpsons (1989 – ) is one of TV’s most successful and most enduring ever shows. The image is from the War of the Simpsons website.

Gr8at: Taking Things Literally

It was the biggest bugbear of an old English teacher of mine that people would use the word literally as an inaccurate form of exaggeration. I like to think he would have found these following images pretty funny. After all, who knew that maths and cakes could lead to such hilarious interpretation? Which one do you think shows the best imagination or execution? Bonus points if you can guess which one made me chuckle most. If you want to see even more, you can also find other examples at the original article here.

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Gr8at: Gabrielle Solis

Partly inspired by recent conversations with Vinnie H and Zoe who are huge fans of the show, I’ve been reminded just how awesome Desperate Housewives was. I saw all eight series when it was shown but since setting up the blog I’ve been distracted by highlighting other shows, especially in the sitcom sphere. I’m happy to stop that now. Desperate Housewives skilfully balanced between comedy and drama and carefully avoided being melodramatic or unimaginative, things which befall other shows. One of the reasons it did this was the consistent hilarity of the sexy, sharp and sassy Gabrielle Solis, who was happy to challenge all social conventions and authority.

Gabrielle Solis looking hot

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Gr8at: Frank Barone

As long-time readers will know, I really am a big fan of family-themed sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. And some of my favourite scenes were when the otherwise pompous Marie was brought down to earth by the only person willing to stand up to her, her husband Frank. And if you can’t get enough from Frank, there’s also a previous post here.

Frank Barone

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Line(s) of the Day #Airplane!

Airplane film shirley

Rumack: Can you fly this plane, and land it?
Ted Striker: Surely you can’t be serious.
Rumack: I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.

Leslie Nielsen and Robert Hays in Airplane! (1980), long considered one of the funniest ever comedies.

Gr8at: Milton Jones’ Jokes

As everyone here knows I’m a big fan of a sharp and well executed one-liner. So about time I put up some from one of the best in the business, Milton Jones.  The Englishman’s deadpan and amusingly neurotic style has won him countless fans and regular success on the comedy circuit. If you find the wonderfully wacky dresser funny, you should definitely check out another fine exponent of the art, Bob Monkhouse 

Milton Jones t shirt

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