Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

Frasier Martin and Niles

Frasier: We agreed we wouldn’t pursue things. Frankly, she hasn’t given me any indication since that she’s even had a second thought about me.
Niles: Added to which, if Frasier did pursue her and she rejected him, he could hardly rationalise it by saying she doesn’t know what she’s missing. She would know exactly what she’s missing – she just didn’t miss it!

Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce in the superlative and much decorated Seattle-based sitcom Frasier (1993 – 2004). You can find more examples of how much I love their interactions with a Gr8at here, and memorable Line(s) of the Day here and here.


18 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

    • That episode is right up for me too. Other ones I’m really fond of are the ones where they are at the ski lodge with the French instructor, when Frasier’s dad plan to pretend to be gay backfires, the one where he has a butler and the one where everyone thinks Niles is trying to kill his dad. That last one is called Dial M for Martin. I mean, even the title is superb!

      • That ski lodge one is too funny! What about the one where Niles and Frasier take Martin out for dinner at his favorite place because Martin has been chastising them for being snobs. And their full-on snob comes out and they’re making jokes about the place they were eating.

      • That was one of the early episodes. Third one I think. Brilliantly sets out the characters. I really liked Martin’s speech at the end too.

  1. I get excited about the show, when I see the guests and how they look now in newer shows. Niles ex wife (Judith, I think) is on Madam Secretary and Jane Leeves who played house companion for the Dad was in a Hallmark movie and possibly Elementary. Trying to remember. . . great 2 liner, here, Alex! 😀

    • David Hyde Pierce was in The Good Wife for about half a dozen episodes. John Mahoney played a memorable character in ER and Kelsey Grammar was superb in Boss. I do try and watch out for them. They’ll never beat Frasier though.

  2. So I finally found this….why did you want me to see this one? I’m not sure I understand. Maybe their humor is too ‘old’ for me. :/

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