Gr8at: Taking Things Literally

It was the biggest bugbear of an old English teacher of mine that people would use the word literally as an inaccurate form of exaggeration. I like to think he would have found these following images pretty funny. After all, who knew that maths and cakes could lead to such hilarious interpretation? Which one do you think shows the best imagination or execution? Bonus points if you can guess which one made me chuckle most. If you want to see even more, you can also find other examples at the original article here.

draw bridge joke

funny pair of cakes

drive-thru pharmacy funny

numbers joke

hug left photo

maths loophole

hilarious cake

maths joke


45 thoughts on “Gr8at: Taking Things Literally

  1. Oh man, this is fantastic! I would have guessed that the ‘Hug left curb when leaving’ pic was your favorite but upon seeing some of the comments I guess I was a tad off! That one was definitely mine. So great.

  2. OMG!!! Thanks for the chuckle Alex, these are hilarious!! Seriously people!! The birthday cake ones are just the best, ‘Happy Birthday on Both’ mwahahahaha!!!

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