Film quizzes: Rites of Passage Part 2

The genre of rites of passage encompasses so many fantastic films that a second part was always a necessity. There are simply too many good films to leave out. Indeed, it would be quite easy to do a third part. How will you score with the six films below? Will you improve on your score from Part 1? As always the stills are in chronological order with the decade on the side to help you out. Please feel free to volunteer your score and any thoughts you may have below.

film quizzes (1970s)

Film quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 2 (1980s)

Film quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 3 (1990s)

Film quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 4 (2000+)

Film quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 5 (2000+)

Film quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 6 (2010+)

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Line(s) of the Day #FatherTed

Father Ted

Father Dougal McGuire: I’ve never met a celebrity before.
Father Ted Crilly: You met the Pope.
Father Dougal McGuire: Did I?
Father Ted Crilly: Yes, do you not remember that time we were in Rome?
Father Dougal McGuire: That was the Pope? That old fella living in the art gallery?
Father Ted Crilly: The Vatican, Dougal! The Vatican!
Father Dougal McGuire: Still, he’s not a celebrity in the true sense of the word.
Father Ted Crilly: He’s God’s representative on Earth, Dougal!
Father Dougal McGuire: You’d think he’d be taller.

Reviews and other Features: Gone Girl

Gone Girl film poster

Gone Girl may well be the trickiest film I ever have to review. I’m sure I am in good company. How can you talk much about an intricately-plotted, fast-paced film without ruining the constantly shocking twists and turns for those that haven’t seen it?

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Things to See: Rome Part 1

Rome really is delightful. I was inspired to do two film quizzes, a review of the Vatican and numerous photographs from my recent trip with Madeleine. But I just had to do more. It’s the first time that I’ve really had the chance to see the city properly, having only had a quick glance in a stopover trip a few years ago.

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Travel Photography: Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Cat Rome

Cat charity

Cat sanctuaryThe Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a charity in Rome that is run completely by a small team of dedicated volunteers. The sanctuary looks after vulnerable cats, giving them vital medical treatment, a place to roam freely and the opportunity to be housed safely before they are adopted.

Film Quizzes: Rites of Passage Part 1

There are so many fantastic rites of passage films. Films where a character goes through huge character development as they begin to deal with adult issues. I just had to make this theme part of the quiz collection. How will you do in working out the six films below? Do you have a favourite? Let me know if you’re a fan of the genre or have any other suggestions for future quizzes.

Film Quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 1 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 2 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 3 (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 4 (2000+)

Film Quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 5 (2000+)

Film Quizzes - Rites of Passage Film 6 (2010+)


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Gr8at: Neatly Timed Animal Shots

I recently posted a Gr8at on Neatly Timed Nature Shots, where I chose some photographs I’ve had for a while but wanted to share. Well, it’s only fair animals get in on the fun, especially as they seem to have such a playful side. Enjoy!

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