Hope you enjoy the mixture of posts and photographs below that celebrate culinary and bar-tending skills. Probably best not to read while passing a bakery mind.

Adventure Bar

Sayndra Boynton
Laura Brody

Calvin and Hobbes
Chocolate Brownie Sunday
Chocolate Cake Poem
The Chocolate Show review
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster
William Curley

Diet Coke at Hampstead Heath
Art Donovan
The Drapers Arms review

Fashion and Art at The Chocolate Show
Food Cartoon
Food Film Quiz
Funny Food/Drink Cartoons and Memes

Ed Gamble
Great British Bake Off inspired bakes
Guinness Storehouse Review

Mexican Food Examples
Moeders Restaurant

Ozz Restaurant

Pompadour Chocolaterie
Pompadour Chocolaterie

Restaurant Jokes

Simmons Bar
Charles M Schulz
Barbra Streisand

Wedding Cake Cartoon
Wedding Cartoon
Alexander Woollcott
Steven Wright


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