Line(s) of the Day #FarewellPrince

prince tribute

But life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last

Musical polymath Prince who sadly passed away yesterday due to pneumonia. The extraordinarily gifted and hugely influential 57 year-old continually reinvented himself and was one of music’s true pioneers.



20 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #FarewellPrince

  1. There are so many memorable and poignant quotes from Prince. It’s so eerie that apparently he told the crowd at his last concert ‘wait a few days before you waste a prayer on me’ 😦

    • That was strange. I guess he knew himself something wasn’t quite right. Trying to stay positive at least he left behind so much evidence of his talent. And there’s plenty of unreleased stuff in his vault which is probably incredible.

  2. Alex, this was a nice tribute to Prince. My Dad like Party like it’s 1999. While I like Let’s Go Crazy.
    Something I didn’t know until Prince died, was that he wrote the song, “Manic Monday” for the Bangles and the Sinead O’Connor song, “Nothing Compares to You.” He had such diverse talents and so many genres. I am in awe of Prince’s legacy, Alex.

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