Awards/Notifications: Four Year Anniversary

It’s been four years since I published this post and started it all. After a further 3,000 posts, and 19,506 comments later, I wanted to thank you for helping to make this blog what it is.


Awards/Notifications: 2,000 Followers

Just a quick note to say I’ve passed 2,000 followers. I wanted to thank you all for your continued support. You really do help make this blog what it is. Reading your comments, following your own blogs and being part of the WordPress community has been a delight.


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Awards and other Notifications: 1,500 Followers


I don’t normally take too much notice of stats. That’s never been why I do the blog or what I judge it by. I don’t even check the end of year stats. But I just noticed that my followers recently passed 1,500 followers and I wanted to thank you all. I know how many great blogs there are and how busy you all are. On the last notification post celebrating three years I offered you the chance to ask me whatever you were curious about. This time I thought I’d do something different and give some extra information about the blog.

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Three Year Bloggerversary Post

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It’s been three years since my first blog post so I just had to celebrate such a special anniversary. And one even more special than the six monthone year and two year bloggersversarys.

Within the past year I’ve discovered so many wonderful new blogs. And the ones I’ve been following before that have come such a long way too. As I’ve said before and will always believe, this blog is nothing without the people who read it and those who offer their thoughts and opinions. It’s also been a pleasure getting to know quite a few of you in real life too.

I don’t normally post pictures of myself here, but I thought why not do something a little different. I hope you enjoy this maverick set of recent-ish photos. Feel free to ask about the context or fashion involved. Continuing on that theme, if any of you have any questions you want to ask me about myself or the blog, you’re more than welcome to ask them below.

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Awards/Notifications: Liebster Time

An awards post now. My thanks to the ever awesome Vinnie who continues to entertain, educate and impress on his stylish blog, for the nomination. You should definitely hop on over if you haven’t already.

I’ll have to skip the 11 fun facts for reasons of time, but I’ll happily answer Vinnie’s questions and provide my own for nominees.


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Awards / Notification: Season’s Greeting Tag

I’ve been included in the very awesome Abbi’s Christmas-themed ‘Season’s Greetings’ post. Abbi has a super fantastic blog and I really recommend you go and take a visit if you don’t know her blog already.

Minions Christmas

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Awards and Other Announcements: Two Year Bloggersvesary!

It’s now been two years since I set this blog up. Yay! In that time I’ve extended the blog far more than I ever thought I would and through the blogging community found so many other wonderful sites.  Thank you for all your support, feedback and likes/comments. Interacting with you all is one of the great pleasures of having this blog. On that note, please feel free to ask whatever question(s) comes to mind that you’d like to ask me and I will answer them in a later post.

Two Years

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