About Me

Hello and welcome. Or as acclaimed short story writer James Thurber gave as a title to one of his collections: “My World and welcome to it”.

Here, you are all welcome to all the delights and possibilities that this blog can provide. That means an eclectic mix from film to fine art, TV to travel and literature to London’s coolest attractions. Not to mention cool mentions of music, theatre and sport and whatever fun and interesting stuff in-between. If art is anything you can get away with, then this blog is all about what is worth reading.

So whether you are reading this on a train on the way to work, during your lunch break or else somewhere more relaxing, sit back and enjoy. There’ll be regular updates in all kinds of formats for whatever is worth seeing, hearing, feeling or tasting past or present. Not to mention plenty of space if you want to tell me what you think.

Live, love, enjoy. 

Yes, the above books are mine 😀 If you’re interested in having a look, that’s great. The links are below, where you’ll find a blurb for each, as well as Amazon reviews.

The Summer of Madness
Illusions, Delusions

You can also find my personal website here. Why not take a look? 🙂

alexander raphael website pic screenshot


243 thoughts on “About Me

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    • It was nice to meet you too. I’ll be checking more on your blog later. Shame I had to leave early. How was the rest of the evening? Did you go anywhere else after 5?

      • It was good to meet you too Alex. I left at about 5, I wanted to stay longer.
        I imagine you had family or something to rush back to… it’s life! 😃

      • Sort of yeah. The Wales game was on and as I’m half Welsh and they hadn’t qualified for a major tournament, it was a very big deal. I’m glad I was able to see a fair bit of it, chat to most of you and get a real sense of the day.

  6. Hi, Alex. It’s nice to put a face & small part of your life, to the comments ya make on Tosha’s blog. I bet it’s fun being you….
    This pleasure is mine. Dale

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  12. Hi Alex, it’s the Meg you know. I’ve sent you an email to explain my situation a little. Anyway, my old blog is going away and I’ve started up with a new one under a pen name. Sorry for the confusion!

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