Gr8at – Restaurant jokes

I’ve been lucky enough to go to some wonderful restaurants recently, but jokes about bad ones have always made me laugh. Here are eight of my favourites.

Waiter joke

Diner: Excuse me, will my burger be long?
Waiter: No sir, it will be round.

Diner: This steak is raw. I said well done!
Waiter: Why thank you, sir.

Diner: Please call the manager. I can’t eat this terrible food.
Waiter: It’s no use, sir. He won’t eat it either.

Diner: Hang on! What’s your thumb doing on my steak?
Waiter: I don’t want it to fall on the floor again, sir.

Diner: Waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup?
Waiter: Um, looks to me to be backstroke, sir…

Diner: Waiter, there is a fly in the butter!
Waiter: Yes sir, it’s a butterfly!

Diner: Waiter! This coffee takes like mud.
Waiter: Well sir, it was only ground this morning.

Diner: This fish isn’t as good as what I ordered here last month.
Waiter: That’s funny. It’s from the same fish.



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