Travel/Photography: Lake District Creative Shot

Lake district window shot+

I liked the idea of a view within a view so took this from my (stationary) car while on my way to Coniston in the Lake District. You can find another photo from my trip here.


Things to See: Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo

When I knew I was visiting Dublin, I knew straight away I would have to see Phoenix Park, and the zoo inside it. Covering a space of nearly seven miles, it is one of the largest parks in Europe and a wonderful place to go for a walk. The weather might not have been perfect, but it was still a delight to go for such a long and scenic walk. There’s a cycle lane and plenty of space for walking your dog, but most people I saw were just alone and enjoying the walk for themselves.

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Things to See: Brittany, France

I’ve been to Paris plenty of times. It’s a gorgeous city, filled with style, flair and romance. I haven’t seen anywhere near enough of other parts of France though, and so I really looked forward to visiting Brittany. Located in in the north west part of the country, Brittany has┬ápopulation of around 4.5 million and has a strong Celtic history.

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