Gr8at: Wonderful Black and White Sporting Photographs

I’ve always had a huge passion for photography and sport, so having a post that combined the best of the two was an idea I just had to carry out. As there so many great sporting photographs I’ve decided to separate them into two posts, starting with black and white images. Do you have a favourite of the eight? Has there ever been a sporting moment you wish you had been able to take a photograph of?

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Things to See: Rome Part 2

As Part 1 helped show, Rome really was the most gorgeous place. There wasn’t a drop of rain and it was always the right weather to go outside for a walk. There are so many lovely bars, cafes and restaurants everywhere, that getting a drink, meal or an ice cream was always a temptation. And one temptation that was always given in to!

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Things to See: Rome Part 1

Rome really is delightful. I was inspired to do two film quizzes, a review of the Vatican and numerous photographs from my recent trip with Madeleine. But I just had to do more. It’s the first time that I’ve really had the chance to see the city properly, having only had a quick glance in a stopover trip a few years ago.

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Travel Photography: Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Cat Rome

Cat charity

Cat sanctuaryThe Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a charity in Rome that is run completely by a small team of dedicated volunteers. The sanctuary looks after vulnerable cats, giving them vital medical treatment, a place to roam freely and the opportunity to be housed safely before they are adopted.

Travel Snapshot: (Raphael) Chinese Designer in Rome

Design photo

Chinese Raphael

When out with Madeleine in Rome, near the Colliseum, we saw this man designing names with a Chinese theme on a strip of paper. There wasn’t a long queue, and he said it wouldn’t take long so I thought, why not?   Madeleine took a photo while he was halfway though. I put the final effort on my door.