Gr8at: The Far Side

My fondness of cartoons will already be pretty well known I’m sure. I’ve done several posts on Calvin and Hobbes, as well as recent ones on Dilbertย and Cyanide and Happiness. About time for another selection, this time from the talent that is Gary Larson and his Far Side collection. Are you a fan of comic strips in general?

Butler joke

Hell far side

coffee in hell

Larson duck

God quiz show

Gary Larrson atomic joke

fish at the beach

Animal blanket


29 thoughts on “Gr8at: The Far Side

  1. I love comics as well ๐Ÿ™‚ I had attended a humour translation class in uni, and Gary Larson’s strips were of the most fun but also most difficult to translate!

      • Some of Oscar Wilde’s plays, some more comic strips (also by a famous Greek humorous comic artist, Arkas) and some magazine editorials and articles. I can’t say that I appreciated the humour in all of them, but it surely was a challenging course!

      • Sounds a nice mix. I don’t know how often you come to London, but you should try and see The Cartoon Museum if you get the chance. Charming little place and some brilliant satire in there.

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