Things to See: Adventure Bar

I like to think I am always up for an adventure, so it was only a matter of time before I ended up checking the Adventure Bar in Covent Garden. Especially as it has joined up with the recently opened funky Dub Jam restaurant to provide a jerk BBQ style menu. Original cocktails and funky street food and in the heart of London?  Count me in.

Cocktail reference

Going down the stairs you’ll find a stylish, lively, atmospheric bar with pop music from the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna. Even the menu reminds you that you are in safe hands, with a nod to the Tom Cruise 80s film Cocktail.

Lemon Cheese Shake

You really are spoilt for choice when choosing a cocktail. And choosing one really is a fun experience as there is such a great selection. There’s a great mix of the well known classics and the really distinctive, with each featuring a very amusing description. Madeleine went for one of her favourites, a Pornstar Martini, while I went for the Lemon Cheese Shake. And it didn’t disappoint. It really did taste as good as an alcoholic lemon cheesecake sounds.

Delicious burger

If you want to grab something to eat you are in for a spice delight. There are a selection of skewers you can choose, including jerk chicken or king prawn and coconut, but Madeleine and I were really curious what their take on a classic burger would be. If you are being super adventurous, you can also add grilled pineapple, smoked cheese, avocado or cured bacon.

Chips and funky sauce

Side dishes include barbecued corn, rice and peppers and coconut and yoghurt coleslaw, but if you are going for a burger you just have to have fries with it, right? We went for regular, but you can also try sweet potato chips. And the delicious spicy Caribbean food delivers a powerful kick as promised. Your taste buds won’t know what has hit them.

Sundae delight

Madeleine then ordered a Bombay Sapphire Gin, a sweet treat for lovers of raspberries, while I decided to go for a shot. The cookies and cream was just too good to turn down. Just before heading out, time for a dessert. As a film and ice cream fan, we just had to go for Any Given Sundae. You’ll be licking your lips as you leave.


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