Gr8at – Great British Bake Off bakes sent in by the public

The 2015 Great Bake Off may have just finished, but it has certainly left a big impact on its viewers. Would be bakers have been sending in their own efforts throughout the series to the official website. The eight below are my favourites. Do you bake? What character or item would you most like to design? Even if you don’t watch the show, feel free to tell me your ideas.


This effort by Lilian Johnstone brilliantly captures one of my favourite Disney characters, Olaf. And with an expression that he has just seen Summer for the first time.


This 12 inch Tardis baked by Dan Chambers, made with jelly babies and a sonic screwdriver, is an absolute delight.


The much loved Gruffalo is wonderfully represented as a Madeira cake by Tracy Brookes.

Giusell Di Nucci’s pug bake is just adorable. And with that expression, you almost want to stroke it and find a bone.


As someone who takes great care in trainers, I had to include Danielle Round’s stylish entry made out of vanilla, madeira cake and buttercream and strawberry jam.

Wine and cheese

Emma Webb’s bake is Edam good effort. I especially like the red wine coming out of one of the bottles and the little mouse in the cheese.

Mike and Sulley

Lisa Petrie really has got the perfectly smiling expressions of Pixar’s best double act nailed.


This supremely wise-looking Yoda is made with a six egg Victoria sponge recipe, raspberry jam, butter icing and Rice Krispie Squares. Superb execution by Sally Newton it is.


37 thoughts on “Gr8at – Great British Bake Off bakes sent in by the public

      • I think I might even have preferred it to the original. I loved the idea of the different styles of scaring in the tournament. Abnd that scene in the library haha. That librarian literally throwing people out of the building who make noise.

      • The funniest thing is that he doesn’t make a noise talking, but steps on a squeaky floorboard. And by the reaction of everyone by the river, it wasn’t the first time haha. I love it when Sulley says: “You may not be scary but you are fearless” 🙂

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