Things to See: The Drapers Arms

There are so many awesome bars and restaurants to eat in London that it would almost be easy to miss the new places that open up. I wasn’t to make that mistake with the recently opened The Drapers Arms. Located in the pleasant west London suburb of Ealing, it is situated right in the heart of the town centre and near shops, parks and coffee bars.

Opening drinks

With the weather lovely too, it all starts great for the Sunday lunch. The place is neat, spacious and well-decorated. The Pimms my girlfriend orders and my soft drink arrive quickly, and the staff are attentive, polite and helpful. But it’s the food I am most interested in.

appetiser alert

The tomato humus with celery dip with cucumber & toast is a delicious appetiser with the right amount of creamy crunch. And light enough that it doesn’t take any space away for the roasted meal. I can’t recommend it enough. 

main delight

There are some great main choices, but both my girlfriend and I just had to choose the 21 day aged, West Country beef that comes with roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding and a nice array of vegetables. They have a special menu for Sunday, but if you are not interested in going for a roast option, there are still options like wild salmon fish cakes, a 21 day aged rib-eye steak and a veggie tart.

Choc and Ice finish

You might not be able to find space for anything extra, but if you do, the desserts are a treat. As a dark chocolate lover, I just had to go for the dark chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top, while Madeleine went for the caramel & chocolate tart with clotted cream. The ice cream works really well on both. The gin Eton Mess and raspberry & peach crumble with apple sorbet look a great shout too.

caramel bonus

If you find yourself anywhere nearby, it is more than worth a visit.


32 thoughts on “Things to See: The Drapers Arms

    • If it’s good enough, you tend to find a space ha. As with any city, you need to go on individual places, and here I thought the food and drinks were reasonably priced.

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