Things to See: #TheChocolateShow

I’d wanted to go to The Chocolate Show before, but hadn’t had the chance. Happily, this time I was attend the annual celebration of chocolate. And being at Kensington Olympia, you just knew it was going to have plenty of space. Which meant the opportunity to create some very pleasant surprises. What is your favourite type of chocolate? You’ll probably find it well represented below.

chocolate show







When coming in to the arena, you are struck by how much is many people there are. And the chocolate. There really is chocolate everywhere. And all kinds. There is so much to choose from, but most stands do offer tastings. What also stands out is how beautifully the chocolate is wrapped. You almost don’t want to ruin it by opening it. I said almost!







What also stands out is how the original the chocolate is. Not only is it distinctive in terms of flavour and geographical origins, but in terms of the execution. This includes chococlate in the form of roses, greeting cards and drinking liquid. It was nice to see Halloween so well represented too. You really can buy pretty much anything.







Perhaps what was most surprising was the artwork. It isn’t just anywhere where you can find an edible version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Hokusai’s famous The Great Wave and da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Not to mention original creative efforts on display, with four striking chocolate sculptures next to each other.







There was more to do than just eat chocolate and look at small-scale (but delightful) artwork, though. This included chocolate making workshops and tasting rooms. You had to sign up early as they were popular. There was even space for two larger scale artworks. One was A State of Happiness parachute by Tehmina Maknojia and the other was a display of Gulliard chococlate made out of 22 bars, making up 95 kgs. The chocolate wasn’t wasted though, as will be used by the company for chocolate windows.


50 thoughts on “Things to See: #TheChocolateShow

  1. Wonderful photos. It looks like heaven. The chocolate artwork is really something. You’ll have to take a date next year. Maybe you can find someone who likes dark chocolate as much as you (along with film, puns, Everton, and photography)

    As you know I think milk chocolate is best and the most tasty. The rest are subpar to my childlike palate. Anyway, the chocolate exhibit looks to have been really lovely. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    • It really was lovely. It was a real shame you couldn’t make it. You’d have loved it. There was actually a sign that said not to touch the exhibitions. Do not eat would have been more appropriate ha.

  2. Wow, this is a yummy post. Delicious photos. I must admit that dark chocolate is my fav, but honestly I can cope with any chocolate. One which reminds me of my youth when I was in London: “Cadbury Milk”, it’s simple but simple things can be special.

  3. Ooooh, this looks amazing! The art works are wonderful. I love dark chocolate and dark chocolate with hot chili flavor is actually a fabulous combination. Lindt makes a bar. So good! Thanks for sharing with us Alex! 😘

  4. It is indeed a beautiful place to admire. It comes as close as the reality version of Willy Wonkas Factory. The sculptures are so intricately designed. How ingenious to have come up with various designs, the roses and drinking liquid in champagne form amo gest the many i like. A very wonderful treat for anyone. Scrumptious photos.

    ” chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment “

      • Yes, that would look very lovely. It is a novel I loved reading a few years ago that made me feel in awe of the marvellous designs Roald Dahl had come up with. The fantastical approach could melt your heart as much as your tastebuds.

      • It would probably be mine too. Though I don’t remember disliking any of them. He had such imagination and such consistency as a writer. My favourites are still his short stories though.

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