Gr8at: Fashion and Art at #TheChocolateShow

There was so much to include in my review of The Chocolate Show I just had to add another post. Especially as there was so much eye-catching (edible) fashion and artistic  expression, including a chocolate Banksy-inspired piece. Can you see yourself wearing any of these dresses, some of which are from Paris shows? How about the platform shoes?










44 thoughts on “Gr8at: Fashion and Art at #TheChocolateShow

  1. Such intricate and deliciously made garments. The first photo slightly reminds me of a wonder woman outfit or something Xena the Warrior Princess may have been accustomed too if it weren’t to melt away. (Though that would cause a saucy treat for viewers I’m sure).

    You can’t deny the hard effort that has gone into each piece, especially the platforms. If my chocolate dress was to have a chocolate sheild that would freeze it for eternity, then I’d quite fancy a bite, I mean.. to wear the second dress (minus the horns).

    • The connection to Paris didn’t surprise me. I think the first one is the most striking one too. They all clearly had plenty of thought put into them. I wonder how long they lasted.

  2. This is amazing! When I was in Belgium a few years ago, one of the chocolatiers sold replicas of designer handbags made of chocolate. So clever. This blows that out of the water!

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