Things to See: Ozz Restaurant

One of the many, many, benefits of living in London is the amount of original new restaurants that are set up. Especially when one of them already has such a high reputation for class and excellence, having only been opened several months.

room decoration

Ozz Restaurant is striking as soon as you enter. The black and white floor tiles of this European-themed place are neatly set. They fit immaculately with the alternating black and white chairs, as well as the white tables and black curtains. On the walls are creative photos, including some classy ones of trees, that keep to its black and white theme.

Bread and butter

To start, there is some wonderful soft baked bread (created with olive oil and salt), alongside butter that really will melt in your mouth. But they aren’t finished yet. Before I’ve even ordered my appetiser, some dough balls arrive.  Filled with a delightful melted cheese, this is bread that has been perfectly judged.

Japanese Garden Salad

When choosing the appetiser. I am immediately drawn to the Carpaccio of Fallow Deer Fillet, with Peruvian chocolate sauce and Japanese Garden Salad. However, if that or the seafood and truffles options don’t catch your eye, there is also a vegetarian menu. As well as three options for the starter, it also has five options for the main, including a risotto where you choose the ingredients yourself. You can also have any of the vegetarian dishes adapted for a vegan diet if wanted.

Sumptious Duck

After my delightfully light salad, I could not wait for my main. I spent quite a while in thought, as I could not decide between Ryeland English Lamb, Filet Mignon of Longhorn Beef and Assiette of Devonshire Duck. In the end I had to go for the duck, which was happily one of the options for Madeleine on her Tasting Menu. If possible, it was even better than it looks.

4 little cakes

Madeleine found it so difficult to choose that she ended up selecting the Taster Menu. This meant that she got a sample of nine different dishes, including the duck. As her dessert she had four little cakes to go with tea and coffee.

chocolate dessert

Though the White Chocolate and Fruit Carpaccio was tempting, I couldn’t not choose the Chocolate and Raspberry Tart with Chocolate Sablé and Litchi Gelato. Raspberries and cherries are among my favourite desert ingredients. The execution was as good as the presentation. As perfect a note leave on as any. Ozz may not be an inexpensive experience, but we all deserve a sumptuous culinary treat every now and again.


19 thoughts on “Things to See: Ozz Restaurant

  1. Ozz looks like a pristine dining location! I once heard that the best way to find out if a restaurant is worth its buck was to order something simple from the menu. It’s similar to how I would always buy bacon from a local shop before committing myself as a regular customer. If you get the simple things, then you get the more extravagant things, too. I would’ve gone for the Filet Mignon, but that Duck sounds scrumptious. : )

    Are you based in the UK or just there for travel?

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