Line(s) of the Day #EverybodyLovesRaymond


Frank Barone:  Why the hell did I let you drive?
Marie Barone:  Because you can’t see anymore.
Frank Barone: I can see a house!

Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts in the fondly remembered sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Though never considered edgy or trendy, the Long Island-set show was hugely popular and won 15 Primetime Emmy Awards from 69 nominations. Though the show finshed 13 years ago, it is still regularly shown. You can find more of Frank’s acerbic wit here

21 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #EverybodyLovesRaymond

    • That’s my wonderful photography skills at work 🙂 I couldn’t find the picture I wanted online. The show is very funny. That whole scene has a whle bundle of laughs, about how it means they can’t keep a pet, cross-breezes and how a car is actually stronger than a house.

    • I do too. I’ve quoted some of my favourite lines in a few other posts which I’m sure you’ll like. What I liked what that is did what it wanted. There were no mulitple storylines, no unrealistic character developments or celebrity cameos to boost ratings. And it has my favourite ever sitcom final episode.

  1. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this show but I did enjoy it. Its creator, Phil Rosenthal, now has a food show on Netflix, which I love, called “Somebody Feed Phil”. His parents, who served as inspiration for Frank and Marie, appear at the end of every episode through a video call.

    • I know. It really was a family show. For al the bickering you knew they really did care about each other. That really came across in the final episode too. And it seemed they really get on well off-screen which is always nice to hear. There were rumours of a UK remake but it never happened.

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