33 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TheTwilightZone

    • It’s funny. I looked at lists about best episodes and my favourite wasn’t on there. It’s the one where there’s a bet about whether a chatty man can go a year without talking. Do you remember well the one about the reclusive guy who looks after serial killer exhibits? The one where there’s a killer doll? People are alike all over too is right up there too. Which is yours?

      • I remember all episodes you speak of!
        I really like the one where the boy sends people to the corn field..”It’s A Good Life” with Bill Mumy, kid actor. I really love the one where the mannequins stored upstairs of a department store get to come to life for one month when it’s their turn… think that starred Anne Francis & the one where it’s after a huge war and there’s only 2 people left… Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson.

      • I know the bronson and Montgomery episode. The Twilight Zone did wonderful episodes without dialogue. The Invaders was brilliant too. After Hours is creepy for sure. It’s wonderful imagination to look at something ordinary and see a story. And yes, It’s a Good Life is incredible. I actually saw The Simpsons parody of it first. It’s called Almighty Bart and is on Youtube if you were curious. Very well made.

    • Indeed, they’ve just rebooted it again with Jordan Peele very much the driving force. It was an incredible show. So many outrageous plot twists, and hugely original premises.They did comedic ones too, but I always preferred the dark ones too. Is there one episode which stood out most to you?

    • He was really young in that. Such great acting and a real presence. I was reading up a lot of about the show from a book I was given. Sterling sure packed a lot into his life. It’s shwlsnlike this that inspire me to write. I wrote one in mind actually as one I would have sent to him.

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