Line(s) of the Day #TheTwilightMan

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After the war, America rose to the status of a world superpower. It was a daydream of gleaming crome, bright white smiles and bleached/blond hair. But behind the perfect veneer, lay something else completely – strange monsters, quivering with fear and anger. Sterling was able to see those monsters walking in broad daylight – then capture and pin them down on paper. 

Taken from Beyond the Zone, the author’s note in The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling and the Birth of Television (2019) by Koren Shadmi. The book is an autobiographic novel of the life of the creative American talent Rod Serling, made most famous for the seminal show The Twilight Zone. For any major fans of the show like me, I really recommend it.

11 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TheTwilightMan

      • That’s not an easy question but the ventriloquist episode was fun. I think I liked the boat episode best. The one where the young couple mistakenly climbs aboard a ship filled with people who have passed on. So good. Do you have a fav?

      • Yes. The ventriloquist one is dark and brilliant. Definitely up there for me too. I really like the one where the two gentleman have a bet that one can’t go a year without making a sound. I’m surprised it’s not higher up in best episode polls. I watched them in order so the first one always very memorable one too.

    • I know. My favourite non-sitcom show. Just incredible. So much imagination and style and substance. Always challenging how you think. The book is fascinating. You could totally see why his writing was so powerful. His life before the show was full of drama.

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