Announcement: Exciting News. First Published Story.


In the summer of love, or rather of madness, a whole set of stories are emerging. But there is one that has got everyone talking. When Kurt Vannes decides to win back his ex-girlfriend with the help of a literary classic, he sets off a string of events that will build to a dramatic finale.

It’s been a pleasure to share with you my favourite literary works since creating the blog, but this time I have very exciting news. This is my first ever short story published and something I had to share with you all. I’ve long been a fan of short stories and it’s wonderful to finally have something of mine within the genre in print.

If you want to find out whether Kurt’s big gesture does win her back, it’s available here in both Kindle and paperback form.

The Summer of Madness


71 thoughts on “Announcement: Exciting News. First Published Story.

      • Excellent! I’ve been working on collecting mine together as well. Keep us posted and I’ll be sure to check this one out!

  1. Great news indeed, Alex. I have just bought a Kindle copy from the UK Amazon site, and added it to the library on my Fire tablet. It may take some time to get around to reading it, but I will look forward to when it gets to the top of my tbr list.
    Congratulations, and best wishes Pete.

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  3. Just finished “The Summer Of Madness.” Meg mentioned it to me so I went on Amazon and got a copy. This story is written in the third person about a broken heart and an unlikely media frenzy over a man reading Wuthering Heights? That was genius! I had no idea how the story would end but I had to keep turning the page to find out.

    Well Done.

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