Line(s) of the Day #TheWalkingDead

The Walking Dead speech rick grimes

When I was a kid… I asked my grandpa once if he ever killed any Germans in the war. He wouldn’t answer. He said that was grown-up stuff. So… so I asked if the Germans ever tried to kill him. But he got real quiet. He said he was dead the minute he stepped in to enemy territory. Every day he woke up and told himself, rest in peace. Now get up and go to war. And then after a few years of pretending he was dead… he made it out alive. That’s the trick of it, I think. We do what we need to do and then, we get to live. But no matter what we find in DC, I know we’ll be okay. Because this is how we survive. We tell ourselves… that we are the walking dead.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the post-apocalyptic AMC drama The Walking Dead (2010 -). Based on a comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, the show tells of a small town’s sheriff deputy who leads a group of survivors in a fight against zombies and other enemies. (SPOILERS WITHIN COMMENTS)


26 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TheWalkingDead

  1. Look at you quoting The Walking Dead like a champ. Impressive. I bet zombies would kill for your brains 😜 Probably chomping at the bits as I type this.

    Great quote. By the way the whole cast is dead now. Spoiler alert. Kidding, of course. Or am I????

    • I did think of the blog when I heard it. There hadn’t be a quote that had jumped out at me before then. I’m guessing you’re up to date. I’m starting on series 8 so a few episodes behind. I didn’t know until Tosha told me that Daryl wasn’t in the original comic. Amazing to think.

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