Gr8at: #EnchantedWoodland Part 1

I went to the delightful Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park yesterday. It was really was magical with sumptious and imaginative light displays. I took so many photos I’m going to put this in two parts. Is there one photo in particular that stands out to you? Has your lcoal area got into the same spirit?










33 thoughts on “Gr8at: #EnchantedWoodland Part 1

  1. This is very nice, Alex. I’m happy you had a good time! I have one near me, yes. Hopefully, the young man I am seeing will want to accompany me. What do you like most about going to these displays of lights? What makes it magical for you?

    • The contrast between light and dark. And the range of colours. For me, it’s magical because the night comes to life, making shapes and images that remind me of supernatural and fantasy images.

      • Ah – supernatural and fantasy images…my mind is wandering. Experiencing these spectacles of light are nice with company.

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  3. This is truly an enchanting place to be. I have always admired the festive night lights of London and you have once again captured it most wonderfully Alex. The first photo brings out the beauty of the decorations against the dim lights, the green of Emerald City and Red of pure majestic wonders.

    Sincerely Sonea

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