Gr8at: Wildly Imaginative Music Videos

I’ve always been a huge fan of the music video. It’s such a great form of expression and when done well, really adds extra dimensions to the song. Here are eight of my favourite videos from well known artists that took imagination to new levels.

Even now, still so breathtaking. When the original song release by the Norewigan trio  flopped, new ideas were pushed for the band to get noticed. The result was a visually stunning romantic story being told in rotoscoping, in which the live-action footage is traced over frame by frame. 


Michel Gondry’s creative genius has an impressive music porfolio as anyone, but this is right up there. So many striking images managed even at such a breathtakingly fast speed.


White Town may have been a one hit wonder, but they left behind one heck of a song. And a brilliantly original and thought-provoking video which adds to the mystique eithin the song.


Björk is one of the most original artists ever, so it’s no real surprise that she’s involved in one of the more imaginative takes of love in a music video. Beautifully imagined, impeccably executed.


I’ve quoted Queen numerous times, including These are the Days of our Lives and I’m Going Slightly Mad. But none of their other songs has a better video than this award-winning artistic masterpiece for Innuendo. Creativity just jumps off the screen with every second.


I only quoted Freak on a Leash recently, but just had to include it here. It’s mix between animation and regular filming is just astonishing and uses the creative talents of comic arts whizz Todd McFarlane to the max.


Like with all of these songs, it’s impossible for me to listen to this without thinking of the video. In this case, not only due of its striking nature, but because each set of dancers represents a different instrument. Another outstanding success from Michel Gondry.


No post about wildly creative music videos could exist without the King of Pop. You could even choose eight from his career to make up the post. But Thriller just has to win. Unprecedented in its scope and vision and almost impossible to calculate its impact on the music video industry.


21 thoughts on “Gr8at: Wildly Imaginative Music Videos

  1. I was going to recommend Freak on a Leash until I saw it here. Great choices overall. You can just continue with Michael Jackson’s catalog and come across some great videos, especially Remember the Time, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, and Black or White.

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