Film Quiz: Loners

I haven’t done a film quiz for a long time. After such a long gap there were plenty of categoeis I could have chosen, but as my favourite film of the past few years was Nightcrawler (you can read my review here), it seemed right to chose loners as the theme. There are actually more on screen than you might imagine. Some are harmless, some deadly. Some are charming, some tortured. Please feel free to let me know how you do, if you have any favourites or even if there are any you think could have been added to the list.

Film quiz 16 1. (1930s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 1 2. (1950s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 2 3. (1960s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 13 4. (1960s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 4 5. (1970s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 6 6. (1970s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 3 7. (1970s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 5 8. (1980s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 7 9. (2000s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 14 10. (2000s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 15 11. (2000s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 8 12. (2000s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 9 13. (2000s)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 11 14. (2010+)

Film Quiz - Loners Film 12 15. (2010+)

Answers below

1.  M   (1931)

2.  The Searchers  (1956)

3.  Peeping Tom  (1960)

4.  Psycho  (1960)

5. The Great Gatsby  (1974)

6.  Taxi Driver  (1976)

7. Carrie  (1976)

8. Rambo  (1981)

9. American Psycho  (2000)

10. Amelie  (2001)

11. Lars and the Real Girl  (2007)

12. Into the Wild  (2007)

13. Brick  (2008)

14.  Drive  (2011)

15.  Her  (2013)


40 thoughts on “Film Quiz: Loners

    • Superb score. Brick is a teen film noir, set in a high school. Very intense. I did enjoy Her. There were quite a few more loners who could have made the list.

  1. This was a great idea for a quiz Alex. I missed M and Lars and the real girl as I haven’t seen them but they seem very intriguing. I love the other movies on here.

    There’s a strange movie called Ghost world that focuses on two girls (Enid and Rebecca) who only spend their time together away from other kids their age if that counts and Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

    • I remember that film. The idea of having several loners in a film was taking the quiz in a different direction, but I do know exactly what you mean. They really were misfits, including Steve Buscemi’s character too. There certainly are less female loners in films. And whatever happened to Scarlet Johansson? 😉

      Fantastic score too. I have never seen Lost in Translation which certainly something I need to remedy. I haven’t seen Lars and the Real Girl but I certainly recommend M.

  2. I got 8 of the 15. I just saw Amelie for the first time recently and fell in love with it! They are making it into a Broadway musical… and I can’t wait to go!

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