Gr8at: Black and White Photographs from a Bygone Era

These photographs, supposedly discovered from an old camera, capture famous moments within history and just how different the world used to be.

Halloween old style

Halloween from the 1900s. Good to know clowns have long been considered scary. 

Brooklyn Bridge

You certainly wouldn’t get that today! Taken when constructing the Brooklyn Bridge.

submerged water

A police officer guarding Galt, Ontario Pharmacy during waist-high waters in 1974. Probably not a good time to drop your keys.

elephant and tram

An apple a day! An elephant stops a tram on Gray’s Inn Road, London to eat an apple from its driver in 1936. Well they do say an apple a day…

Eiffel Tower under construction

Eventually built to a height of 324 metres/1,063 feet, the Eiffel Tower shown here under construction in 1893. Leading artists and intellectuals were against the project. And yes, that includes after it was finished.

Hitchcock and lion

When the lion came to tea could easily be the title of an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode. You have to wonder whether the king of the jungle wants one teaspoon of sugar or two.

Clinton and Kennedy

Two of the most charismatic American Presidents, Bill Clinton and John F Kennedy. Just to think of the things they could talk about if history was different and they were talking thirty years later.

Titanic 1912

A poignant image as wellwishers wave goodbye to the Titanic in 1912.



51 thoughts on “Gr8at: Black and White Photographs from a Bygone Era

  1. Yes, they are all great! I have actually seen most of them since I am a die hard lover of old photographs, but it was beautiful to revisit! 🙂

  2. Awesome!!! I love old black & white photos SO much. That Brooklyn Bridge one is making me hyperventilate! And that Hitchcock one is great. And the first one is like something from Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. 🙂

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