Line(s) of the Day #Magnolia

Greenberry Hill

In the New York Herald, November 26, year 1911, there is an account of the hanging of three men. They died for the murder of Sir Edmund William Godfrey; Husband, Father, Pharmacist and all around gentle-man resident of: Greenberry Hill, London. He was murdered by three vagrants whose motive was simple robbery. They were identified as: Joseph Green, Stanley Berry, and Daniel Hill. Green, Berry, Hill. And I Would Like To Think This was Only A Matter Of Chance.

The opening lines as narrated in Magnolia (1999), a mosaic mixture of storylines that arguably includes Tom Cruise’s best ever performance.


9 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Magnolia

    • I really liked him in Jerry Maguire, and he shows a different side in Born on the Fourth of July, but this is my favourite of his. That scene when he is interviewed by the journalist is acting of the highest calibre.

      • For a while there he’d do a paycheck movie, then he’d actually act because when given the chance he can. Of late he’d done a lot of paycheck movies, with a hint of actually being able to ask. “Magnolia” was really about the pinnacle of his acting and he’s not come close to that. I remember reading somewhere that he felt his part in “Edge of Tomorrow” was one of his better roles, too.

      • He does his own stunts which is impressive. I suppose after the PR fallouts he wanted to concentrate on more unadventurous films.I hope he does more original parts too.

      • I do as well. He’s at that stage in his career where he can do just about anything he wants.

    • So many times having such a large star cast doesn’t work, but it’s really great when it does. I’ve always rated Tom Cruise as an actor, but even so, his performance here just blew me away.

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