Gr8at – Cute Animal Photos

After a slightly painful trip to the dentist today, I needed some adorable photos of animals to cheer me up. Here are my eight favourites from internet photos I’ve been sent from emails over the years. Which ones stand out the most to you?

Pink birdsToo cute for words. Makes you wonder what they are thinking.


Maybe he’ll become the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Cute and Cuter


That pose definitely gets my seal of approval.


Makes you wonder what shampoo is being used.

Polar Bear

Hope someone has a towel nearby.


If the animal kingdom ever remakes Rocky…




Not the most energetic of animals, but with poses like that they sure know how to work the camera.


42 thoughts on “Gr8at – Cute Animal Photos

  1. Oh poor you! Hope that dentist trip wasn’t too painful. I hate the dentist. 😦 my favourite pic, was the elephant in the waterfall – so beautifully cute. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can fit him through my door, let alone my elephant basket 😦 waaaaaah! One day I’ll live in a MASSIVE house surrounded by cute animals, one day. Great post! Made me smile. Thank you!

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