Awards and other Notifications: 1,500 Followers


I don’t normally take too much notice of stats. That’s never been why I do the blog or what I judge it by. I don’t even check the end of year stats. But I just noticed that my followers recently passed 1,500 followers and I wanted to thank you all. I know how many great blogs there are and how busy you all are. On the last notification post celebrating three years I offered you the chance to ask me whatever you were curious about. This time I thought I’d do something different and give some extra information about the blog.


Above is the overall data. I also categorise my posts into different sections. Awards and Notifications (23 posts), Creative (7 posts), Film Quizzes (154 posts), Gr8at (109 posts), Guest Series (19 posts), Iconic TV Shows (9 posts), Line(s) of the Day (588 posts), Reviews and Other Features (44 posts), Things to See (20 posts) and Travel/Photography (190 posts). I promise to put up more of my creative writing up soon. Below are the eight most popular pieces from my blog.

Line(s) of the Day – Miss Piggy
Line(s) of the Day – Frank Zappa
Line(s) of the Day – Solomon Grundy
Reviews and Other Features – 6 Months
Gr8at – Cute Animal Photos
Film Quizzes – Hollywood Vampires
Gr8at: Wonderful Black and White Sporting Photographs
Film Quizzes – Stanley Kubrick

And in case you were curious what the least popular one, it was this post.Β Thank you all again for your support and keep up the great stuff on your own ones.


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