Awards and Other Notifications: 5 Year Bloggerversary

Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s been five years ago since I set up this blog with this very short post. It’s been a delight to see this blog evolve as it has reflected my continuing development as a person and wider array of interests and passions. It’s also been a pleasure to read your blogs, interact with you and even get the chance to meet some of you in person. Below are my most popular posts in terms of views from my most common categories.

My 5 Most popular Line(s) of the Day

Miss Piggy
Solomon Grundy
Frank Zappa
Pablo Picasso
We Didn’t Start the Fire

My 5 Most Popular Quizzes

Hollywood Vampires
Non-Musicals Dance Films
Stanley Kubrick
Natural Disasters

My 5 Most Popular Gr8ats

A View From Above
Funny Animal Cartoons
Jurassic World Dinosaurs
Cute Animal Photos
The Far Side

And for those curious here is my least popular post 


45 thoughts on “Awards and Other Notifications: 5 Year Bloggerversary

  1. Well done! Just remember you’re now long in the tooth. Glad you put the Miss Piggy quotation at the top. Quite my favourite! And I need to think of an appropriate pun to celebrate. Great stuff…

    • I’ve actually quoted her twice. A double dose of Miss Piggy. But when she says stuff like this, you know you need to give her extra

      “I never get starstruck. With me, it’s the other way round. Guests are starstruck by moi. And if they’re not starstruck by moi then they’re simply struck.”

      “Those who can do. Those who really can have someone else do it for them.”

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  3. Congratulations on 5 years!! I love the post from 2015 regarding Jurassic Park. My son and I have loved it since the beginning. We’ve seen all of them and most 2/3 times. Land Before Time when he was little and the JP! We debate the what it sounds like when the velociraptors call for help! 😂 thanks for reminding me of the old days.

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