Gr8at: Memorable figures from the Wax Museum

I had planned on doing a wider description of Dublin’s Wax Museum, especially after I previously did an introductory style piece. But although the museum includes information about Irish history, its politics and its many famous writers, it will always be a very visual place and so my post will focus on that too. Below are a mix of musicians and very fictional entertaining characters, including the fifth James Bond, a boy wizard, the King of Pop and a very hairy Wolfman. How good do you think they are?

Elvis Presley

James Bond Pierce Brosnan

Harry Potter


The Simpsons in front of house

Evil Stepmother




28 thoughts on “Gr8at: Memorable figures from the Wax Museum

  1. Hahahaha! Oh dear. The Michael Jackson one is terrible! I wonder if they repurpose them like they do with the Madame Tussauds ones. If you visit the London Dungeon you can see Bob Geldoff dressed up as a Victorian tramp hiding out in one of the hallways between shows.

    • Thanks for the heads up ha. I know the moment they are referring to with Michael Jackson but I don’t rate the likeness much either. I think the Elvis one is the worst one though.

    • I really wanted to reach over the rope to see if they had put a lightning bolt on his forehead. He has the pose of a choirboy. I don’t remember him being too academic. I think I’d have liked him more with a wand, on a broomstick or with Hedwig.

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