Gr8at: London Super Comic Convention Costumes

I had a really fun time at the London Super Comic Convention hosted at the Excel centre yesterday. With comic book and their film adaptations as popular as ever, it was no surprise the event (which finishes later today) was such a success.  I took so many photos that rather than try and squeeze them into my review which I’ll be doing soon, like with my Memorable Figures from the Wax Museum I’ve decided to do a fun quiz to see how many you can work out. How many of the comic, cartoon, anime and film stars did you get? Who would you like to have dressed up if you had gone?

London Super Comic Convention Costume 1

London Super Comic Convention Costume 2

London Super Comic Convention Costume 3

London Super Comic Convention Costume 4

London Super Comic Convention Costume 5

London Super Comic Convention Costume 6

London Super Comic Convention Costume 7

London Super Comic Convention Costume 8

Answers below

1. Deadpool

2. Darth Vader

3. Arrow

4. Bebop (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

5. Pikachu

6. Joy and Sadness (Inside Out)

7. Flash

8. Beaker (The Muppet Show)


63 thoughts on “Gr8at: London Super Comic Convention Costumes

    • I was wearing the socks yesterday too. One of my Christmas presents was a set of five pairs of muppet socks with one each of Animal, Fozzy Bear, Kermit, Gonzo and Beaker. When I showed him he was chuffed!

    • Ha! Yoda is great. You could practice speaking like him too. what was amazing was that there was no overlap in terms of costumes. Everyone was original 🙂 I did think there would be quite a few Jokers.

  1. SWEET! this is the post I had been waiting to see 🙂
    Looks like an awesome convention Alex, I gotta say Pikachu is a total win for me because that was basically my childhood on TV lol! If I were to go… hmmm… can I say pink power ranger??

  2. Pikachu!!!!!!! I love Pikachu, he just turns me into a little kid lol. I went to the EGX Games convention last year and someone in a giant Pikachu costume charmed me!!!

    I only recognised Deadpool, Darth and Beebop from TMNT (LEGEND! That was my favourite TV show as a kid!)

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  4. This is great! I’ve been to Comic Con Before… I went as Mrs. Incredible! It was so much fun! Your quiz was awesome! 😀 8 for 8! Maybe next time I go, I’ll go as thebrunetteinthepinkscarf! 😉 Sounds like a cool superhero name! Lol I’ve already got my costume in mind! I’m enjoying your posts, Alex! 😀

    • Awesome stuff. A bravo and a big round of applause your way. A nice choice to go as. I’ll look out for your future post on it 🙂 Do you have a favourite villain?

      • Thank you, Alex! 😀 Such a wonderful experience! The heroes and villains alike were all around me, but no Mr. Incredible. 😜 lol I would have to say Lex Luthor – I watched a TV series called Smallville, and had a crush on him (Michael Rosenbaum)! 😍 I prefer heroes over villains! 😀 How about yourself?

      • The Dark Knight and the Joker are both superb. Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger did sublime, though very different, portrayals. My favourite is probably Gambit. Smallville was cool from what I remember. Great opening song and Kristin Kreuk was just gorgeous too.

      • Nice, Alex! I had a feeling you were going to say something about the Joker. They had great music on that show and she is gorgeous – she’s a brunette with light eyes, who wouldn’t like that?! 😀

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