Gr8at: Autumn Mist Photographs

I don’t normally post two Gr8ats concurrently, but I saw a article on the BBC website that really caught my eye. BBC Autumnwatch asked the public to send in their photographs of Autumn Mist and they put them on their website here. The eight photographs below are my favourite. Is there one that stands out to you? Is Autumn the season you like most?

This glorious sunrise was taken by Robert Lock.


This delightful entry by Louise Morris seems to capture a deer singing first thing in the morning.


This striking silver web was taken by Phatermain.


This photograph, reminiscent of a classic painting, is from Ashley in Shopshire, by the photographer dunlevy1.

peak district

This dreamy, misty velvet was shot by Martin Birks.


This ethereal forest fantastically captured by Ian Hufton.


Don’t you just want to go for a jog or a swim in this setting by Anastacia Aldrich?


Another entry by Louise Morris, who has managed to get three deer and three birds in this early morning shot.

26 thoughts on “Gr8at: Autumn Mist Photographs

  1. My fav is the ethereal forest, it’s full of meaning and if I had to write a caption, I would say “Hope” … On the pure photographic point of view, very well composed!

    • The orange sunrise one just jumped out at me. There were a lot of ones with golden lights but that one stood out most. There were quite a few deer ones too, It having its mouth open with such a lovely background shade was a perfect match.

  2. Ohhhhhh– yes ok– I know what a Gr8at is!!! haaa– My mind was somewhere else, I’m sorry!!These are all simply beautiful!! The first 3 I like the best~ ….and here I was thinking you had posted some of your own ❤

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