Line(s) of the Day #SavedbytheBell


Kelly Kapowski: Wow, look at this line.
Lisa Turtle: Man, we’ll never get tickets to the U2 concert.
AC Slater: Oh, ye of little faith.
Zack Morris: That’s right. Yeah, we told you we had a plan. Hey, have I ever let you guys down before?
Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle: Yeah!
Zack Morris: When?
Lisa Turtle: The time you snuck us into the drive-in movie in the trunk of your car.
Zack Morris: So I forgot the trunk key! You still got to hear the movie.
Kelly Kapowski: But it was a Japanese movie!
Zack Morris: Hey, I tried to read the subtitles as fast as I could.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Lark Voorhies, Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the hugely successful teen comedy Saved by the Bell (1989 – 1994).


14 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #SavedbytheBell

    • Such an entertaining show. Zack really was the coolest. He had a plan for everything. if I needed a scheme to get out of a jam, Zack and Blackadder would be my go to guys 🙂

  1. I’m too old for this show and hated it when it was popular. Karma is a bitch, though. My daughters watch it in reruns. Whenever I pass the TV when one of them is watching, I just think of Showgirls. Don’t judge me.

    • That certainly was an un-Jessie role. I’m trying to think of a character who took a film part more different to the one she was famous for on TV. James van der Beek in Rules of Attraction?

  2. Ha, fab! I’ve not watched this for years, I wonder if I hunted it down to watch an episode if it would be one of those annoying things that was so much better when you were younger, and just a disappointment now… they often survive much better in my memory!

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