Creative: The Hand of Nature

The cold, transparent, frozen, hand of Winter
with its heavy, shivering, fingers
and sharp yet fragile claws,
touches all it can see,
covering three season’s worth of nature
with its web of glass,
and the haunting words it uses
confirms its work has been done.

Spring’s hand gently yet forcefully
pushes Winter aside
with its leafy green, smooth, steady fingers,
and removes all of Winter’s trace
with a few brief touches
that have been rehearsed for so long,
concluding with a lovely melody
that it sings quietly with perfect rhythm.

Summer’s decorated, dextrous, talented hand
joyfully arrives,
waving goodbye to spring,
while at the same time
summoning the rest of the animal kingdom,
who are attracted,
by the infinite shades of yellow,
and the hypnotically enchanting
wordless song sung with such happiness.

Autumn’s hand gives a quiet signal
to the ever rejoicing Summer,
before the ever different creatures
are warned
by the warm, comforting, auburn
cloak more than hand,
through repeated murmers,
that those heavy, shivering fingers
are not far away.


28 thoughts on “Creative: The Hand of Nature

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  2. I have an image that would go so well with your web of glass. I am not a person that normally reads poetry or can fully appreciate it, but this is masterful IMHO. Congratulations on the well deserved award.

  3. What a gorgeous change of seasons poem. The thread of trembling fingers kept it extremely well together. Lovely work Alex! 🙂

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  5. This an very impressive writing.
    The decriptive truth of your winter, chills me to the bone. And it’s the 1st week of summer. Covering 4 seasons now.
    As they say. Winter’s coming…. ☆

      • That’s a tough one. Spring is always welcome, to thaw many frozen spirts. But, to harvest the cooler days of Fall, brings me a gentle peace, to once again count my blessings.

  6. You really need to start writing more poetry. This is so beautiful. Love and admirer the way you can be posting photographs one day, your film comments th next, and now this work of art. Bravo to you.

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