Line(s) of the Day #Westworld


You can’t play God without being acquainted with the devil.

Dr Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in the multi-genre hit show Westworld (2016 -). With elements of sci-fi, western, drama and psychological thriller, it tells of a Wild West style theme park filled with droids but controlled by humans.

Film Quizzes – Westerns 2

There were so many great films missing from the first Westerners quiz, just had to have a second one. Can you do as well or better than last time. Your time starts now… 😉 Scroll carefully for answers below.

1138856 - Django Unchained (2000+)Westerns 2 - Film 2 (1960s)

Westerns 2 - Film 3 (1990s)

Westerns 2 - Film 4 (1960s)

Westerns 2 - Film 5 (1990s)

Westerns 2 - Film 6  (1950s)


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