Film Quizzes: One Word Films Part 2

I put up a quiz recently on one word films, ranging from 1927 to 2014. But that wasn’t enough. There really are so many really impressive ones that I just had to add an extra part. Will you do better than last time? Do you have a favourite of the 15 below?

Film Quiz one word films 1. (1950s)

Psycho 2. (1960s)

Badlands 3. (1970s)

Airplane film shirley 4. (1980s)

Fargo film Marge 5. (1990s)

Swingers 6. (1990s)

Film Quiz one word films 7. (1990s)

Gladiator 8. (2000s)

Serendipity airport scene 9. (2000s)

frostnixon 10. (2000s)

Tangled 11. (2010+)

Rush 12. (2010+)

Rene russo nightcrawler 13. (2010+)

Deadpool and girlfriend 14. (2010+)

Arrival quote 15. (2010+)

Answers below

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Photography: Film posters

As my ever-increasing Film Reviews and other Film Stuff page shows, I really do have a huge passion for the creativity, imagination and impact films generate. It’s no surprise then that I have a few film posters on my wall. These were specially designed by an artist contact I used to know and I wanted to share them with you. Is there one that stands out to you? Do you have any film posters on your wall or one you wish you had?

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Film Quizzes: Alfred Hitchcock Part 2

Quite a few of the pictures stumped you last time, so have another go with a different set of Hitchcock films. Quite appropriate for someone who put so much stock in mystery and intrigue, mind. Scroll carefully for the answers below.

Film Quizzes - Hitchcock part 2 Film 1 Film 1

Film Quizzes - Hitchcock part 2 Film 2 Film 2

Film Quizzes - Hitchcock part 2 Film 3 Film 3

Film Quizzes - Hitchcock part 2 Film 4 Film 4

Film Quizzes - Hitchcock part 2 Film 5 Film 5

Film Quizzes - Hitchcock part 2 Film 6 Film 6

Answers below

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