Film Quizzes: Jungle

Guns n’ Roses memorably welcomed us to the jungle and said there would be fun and games, but even the heaviest of rockers couldn’t have dreamt up the adventures in the six films below. Why not have a go and see how many of them you can work out. As always the films are in chronological order and the answers are at the bottom.

Film Quizzes - Jungle Film 1 (1960s)

Film Quizzes - Jungle Film 2 (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Jungle Film 3 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Jungle Film 4 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Jungle Film 5 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Jungle Film 5 (2000+)

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Film Quizzes: Tom Cruise

Who’s up for another film quiz? You know you want to. This time, it’s of one of the most enduring A-Listers around.  The legendary actor born Tom Cruise Mapother IV has an almost unrivaled CV in cinema and continues to make successful films. See how well you do from the six films below.

Film Quizzes -Tom Cruise - Film 1 (1980s)

Film Quizzes -Tom Cruise - Film 2 (1990s)

Film Quizzes -Tom Cruise - Film 3 (1990s)

Film Quizzes -Tom Cruise - Film 4 (1990s)

Film Quizzes -Tom Cruise - Film 5 (2000+)

Film Quizzes -Tom Cruise - Film 6 (2000+)

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