Line(s) of the Day #SevenNationArmy

Seven nation army design cover

I’m gonna fight them all
A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back

The opening lines of Seven Nation Army, the lead single from The White Stripes’ fourth sutio album Elephant (2003) And a serious shout for having the best bassline ever.


Gr8at: Great Songs from Artists I’ve not Quoted Yet +1 extra

I’ve a huge passion for music, as shown by the fact I’ve listed 119 different artists (and counting) on my Music page, as well as numerous others in posts such as Impressive Foreign Language SongsMostly Instrumental Songs and Awesome Songs of Seven Minutes Plus. But while those later links have covered artists as varied as Metallica, The Stone Roses, LCD Soundsystem, Aphex Twin, Grandmaster Flash and Moenia, there are still some fantastic singers and groups I’ve not yet managed to include. So here’s a post celebrating those I haven’t yet included, fittingly with an extra song shoved in. How many of them do you recognise? Which was the one you heard most recently?

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