Reviews and other Features: Children’s TV Quiz

I grew up watching all kinds of children’s TV. I had the lunch boxes, jumpers and toys of my favourite ones, and knew all the theme tunes and times they were on. I’ve done plenty of film quizzes, so in a nostalgic trip I thought I would expand it to TV shows of the 80s/early 90s I used to watch as a child. They’re not in any order and you’ll find the answers below. ¬†How did you do? What other ones did you watch?

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The Acrostic Name Game

Sort of inspired by the very funky film fan Drama Llama and her Alphabetical Movie Meme, I wanted to create something that reflected my website a bit and could be just as easily adapted by others. I came up with an acrostic of my site name linking it with an explanation of my favourite TV show with that letter. So feel free to take on the challenge yourself, either with TV shows, or films, albums, singers, celebrities, recipes, cities or whatever else suits your blog.

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