Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

Frasier and tea leoniSheila: Look… first of all, I know this doesn’t excuse what I did, but I had no idea that you were a friend of Sam’s. I’m a sexual compulsive. It’s how Sam and I met – in group. Look, that night I spent with you – I guess I just kind of fell off the wagon. What I did was terrible. I felt awful afterwards. It ended up being a kind of turning point for me. That’s how it is with addiction; before you can get better you have to hit rock bottom.
Frasier: Yes. Well… I’m glad I could be down there for you.

Tea Leoni and Kelsey Grammer in the hilarious Frasier (1993- 2004). Winner of 37 Emmys, the show tells of a psychiatrist who moves back to his home town before having to let his retired father move in with him..