Line(s) of the Day #Friends

Ross tanned

Ross: I went to the tanning place your wife suggested.
Chandler: Was that place the sun?

David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry in the hugely popular Friends (1994 – 2004). Though it only won six Emmys, the show launched the career of the six previously unknown actors, spawned countless memorable phrases, inspired copycat hairstyles and promoted a way of living that your friends could be your family.


Gr8at – Stunning Photographs from fellow Bloggers

I’ve done a few Gr8ats on some really photography exhibitions, like the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Royal Horticultural Society 2013, but one of the delights of being on here has been seeing the great standard of photographs by other bloggers. Here are links to eight of my favourite shots and why they captured my attention. There are so many other great photographs from others on WordPress I have no doubt I’ll be doing another set soon.

Autopict– I’ve taken a few shots of the moon myself so I am always more excited to see other people’s vision of it too, especially with such detail. This shot is dreamily poetic. As someone who takes inspiration from looking at the night sky, this photograph really does inspire me in all kinds of ways.

Lost in Translation – I’ve always appreciated a kaleidoscopic spectrum of colour, and when it’s executed as well as this, it’s appeal is even more mesmeric.  “The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose”, and exceptional shots like this are a reminder of the delicate beauty that is always happening around us.

A Curious Gal – Autumn is my favourite season, but more shots like this and I might have to change. The first of these in particular is like a painting, with a lovely combination of light and faint shadow. A magical Winter kingdom.

Darkpink – This exquisite photograph is visually striking, perfectly capturing the majestic blanket of beautiful clouds. It is almost like it is snowing upwards. You could gaze at this for hours.

Laura Macky – I’m a huge fan of black and white photographs, and photos like this are one of the reasons why. Beautifully framed into three horizontal sections of the sand, sea and sky, and the combination of humanity and nature. Just gorgeous.

Earthstills – As a city boy, the sea has only been available on holiday. And this is how I picture it on Monday mornings as I struggle to get out of bed. The sea itself in this shot is a wondrous colour, but the sand and seagull frame it very neatly and offer a stylish contrast in colours.

Leanne Cole Photography – As much as I love the infinite possibilities nature offers, this near black and white shot of a derelict building left to decay is always striking. This excellent photograph evokes feelings of loneliness and an odd sense of nostaligia.

Ajaytao  was part of this list but sadly died months after I posted this. His link has since been taken down. Below was my original text.

I’ve taken countless skyline photographs, but I’ve never seen one of these colours and shades. It feels more like an oil painting and that heaven is just about to open and all will be revealed.