Gr8at: Best Sporting Photographs of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, it presents the opportunity to look back at some of the phenomenal sports that have been occurring throughout the year. I wanted to share my eight favourite images from the sporting world, as seen from a wider number in this feature by The Daily Mail.  If you are a fan of sporting photographs you should definitely check out my two previous posts, on the best black and white and colour sporting shots.

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Gr8at: Wonderful Black and White Sporting Photographs

I’ve always had a huge passion for photography and sport, so having a post that combined the best of the two was an idea I just had to carry out. As there so many great sporting photographs I’ve decided to separate them into two posts, starting with black and white images. Do you have a favourite of the eight? Has there ever been a sporting moment you wish you had been able to take a photograph of?

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