Line(s) of the Day #Scrubs

Elliot and Kelso

Dr. Kelso: I saw his chart right before I went to the bakery. He’s got malaria.
Elliot: And you were going to tell him this after you had a sticky bun?
Dr. Kelso: Well, in my defence, he’s going to live at least another twelve hours and the bakery closes at five.

Ken Jenkins and Sarah Chalke in the medical comedy Scrubs (2001 – 2010)


Line(s) of the Day


Elliot: My life is a mess!
Carla: At least you’re pretty.
Elliot: Yeah, well, pretty don’t pay the rent!
Carla: It does for my sister.
Elliot: Oh, my God, your sister’s a prostitute?
Carla: She’s a model. Come on, Elliot, we talked about thinking before we speak.

Sarah Chalke and Judy Reyes in Scrubs (2001 -2010)