Film Quizzes: Great Foreign Films

I wasn’t planning on doing another film quiz soon after my Magic post, but in the comments section from my Teachers quiz an idea for foreign films was suggested by Leí, whose blog I discovered recently. While most of my quizzes focus on Hollywood, I have always had a fondness for films from different cultures, and even did a Blogathon entitled Foreign Favourites. Below are 15 stills from successful films made in different languages and cultures. How many can you work out? There are countless more I could have included, so feel free to mention any you’re especially fond of.

Film Quizzes - Films set in Italy Part 2 Film 1 Film 1  (1940s)

Foreign films Film 1 Film 2  (1950s)

Film Quizzes - Films set in Italy Part 1 Film 2 Film 3  (1960s)

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 2Film 4  (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Films set in Italy Part 1 Film 4 Film 5  (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Anime Film 2 Film 6

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 3 Film 7  (1980s)

la haine friends Film 8  (1990s)

Le diner de cons Film 9  (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Films set in Italy Part 2 Film 4 Film 10  (1990s)

 Film 11  (2000s)

Film Quizzes - French Part 1 Film 4 Film 12  (2000s)

Foreign films Film 12 Film 13  (2000s)

Foreign films Film 13 Film 14  (2000s)

Volver bench Film 15  (2000s)

Answers below

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Film Quizzes: Germany

With a reminder for those interested in participating in my Foreign Favourites series included, I’ve decided to do a quiz highlighting some of the phenomenal films outside of the English language. The six films below are shining examples of Germany’s sense of creativity, culture and history. See how many of the ausgezeichnet (excellent) films below you recognise.

Film Quizzes - German Film 1 (1930s)

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 2 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 3 (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 4 (2000+)

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 5 (2000+)

Film Quizzes - Germany Film 6 (2000+)

Answers below

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