Reviews and Other Features: The Top 10 Most Iconic Movie Character Blogathon

Iconic female movie characters

WordPress is filled with fantastic blogathons, especially in film. So when asked by the very fab Anna at Film Grimoire to participate in such an original idea I had to join in. Especially as it highlights the many great roles and performances by women in films of all genres and eras.

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Film Quizzes: Horror

I will be very soon writing up The Exorcist as a review for the very fantastic Silver Screen Serenade as part of her 2014 Resolutions series. In tribute to the genre, here are a maverick set of horror films covering decades. Try and work out the six spine-tingling, bone-chilling films below if you dare…

Film Quizzes - Horror Film 1 (1960s)

Film Quizzes - Horror Film 2 (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Horror Film 3 (1980s)

Film Quizzes - Horror Film 4 (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Horror Film 5 (2000+)

Film Quizzes - Horror Film 6 (2000+)


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