Line(s) of the Day #CreedII

Creed 2

Buddy Marcelle: I want the same thing you want.
Adonis Creed: And what’s that?
Buddy Marcelle: In the history of boxing there have been 77 heavyweight champions. You know that? And how many do you think they know? Four? Five? The belt ain’t enough. You need a narrative. Something that sticks to the ribs. Your dad, he knew that.

Russell Hornsby and Adonis Creed Michael B. Jordan in Creed 2 (2018), the eighth film in the Rocky franchise that began in 1976. In a story that has a powerful connection to previous films in the franchise, Apollo Creed’s son must face off in the ring against Ivan Drago’s son.


Film Quizzes: One Word Films

I watched Casablanca again recently. It’s obvious why it’s considered one of the definitive classics. It got me thinking what other really awesome one word films there are. Turns out, more than you might realise. How many did you get? Any others you like that aren’t on the list?

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film1 1. (1920s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films 2. (1930s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film3 3. (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film4 4. (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film5 5. (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film6 6. (1980s)

Amadeus 7. (1980s)

Goodfellas 8. (1990s)

Se7en 10. (1990s)

memento 11.(2000s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film11 11. (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Awesome One Word Films Film12 12. (2000s)

Up 13. (2000s)

INCEPTION 14. (2010+)

Argo 15. (2010+)

Answers below

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Film Quizzes: #SportingUnderdogs

At Wimbledon earlier this year, world number 772 tennis play Marcus Willis shocked the tennis world by winning three pre-qualifying matches and then 3 qualifying matches to make the main draw. His unexpected rise continued when he beat Ricardis Berankis, the 53rd best player, in the first round. Though he lost to 7-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer in the second round, the part-time tennis coach had increased his earnings that year from £258 after deciding not to give up on the game

As Willis plays in Tie Break Tens tonight, a special $250,000 tie break event in Vienna featuring some of the biggest names in the sport, I thought I’d do a sporting underdog quiz in his honour. Do you have a favourite one, real or fictional? How have you done this time around?

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-1 1. (1970s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-2 2. (1980s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-3 3. (1990s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-4 4. (1990s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-5 5. (1990s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-6 6. (2000s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-10 7. (2000s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-7 8. (2000s)

MCDWIMB EC018 9. (2000s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film-9 10. (2000s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film11 11. (2000s)

film-quiz-sporting-underdogs-film12 12. (2000s)

Answers below

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Photography: Film posters

As my ever-increasing Film Reviews and other Film Stuff page shows, I really do have a huge passion for the creativity, imagination and impact films generate. It’s no surprise then that I have a few film posters on my wall. These were specially designed by an artist contact I used to know and I wanted to share them with you. Is there one that stands out to you? Do you have any film posters on your wall or one you wish you had?

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