Film Quiz: Tom Hanks

With the release of Sully, Tom Hanks looks set to continue his streak of critically and commercially successful films. It seemed fitting therefore, to dedicate a quiz to one of California’s finest. How well do you know one of Hollywood’s most versatile and best-loved actors? Do you have a favourite of his? Answers as always below.

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-1 1. (1980s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-2 2. (1980s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-3 3. (1980s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-4 4. (1990s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-5 5. (1990s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-6 6. (1990s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-7 7. (1990s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-8 8. (1990s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-9 9. (2000s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-10 10. (2000s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-11 11. (2000s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-12 12. (2000s)

Toy_Story_3_movie_image_high_resolution_Pixar 13. (2010+)

Tom Hanks 14. (2010+)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-15 15. (2010+)

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Film Quizzes: 90s Courtroom Dramas

With the release of The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall, it got me thinking about what other courtroom dramas have been made before. And one decade which produced plenty of quality courtroom films is the 90s, including one which also starred Duvall. See how many of the chronologically-ordered films below you can work out.

Ártatlanságra ítélve3.jpg 1.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 2 2.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 3 3.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 4 4.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 5 5.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas 6.

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